17 Parents Who’ve Been Driven Insane By Virtual School


Right now, students of all ages are being forced to do virtual school from home. Just across the hall, many of their parents are working remotely as well. Needless to say, it’s driving everyone crazy, especially realizing that we’ve been in lockdown for almost a year now. We all have quite a bit in common with the parents below, who simply lost their minds over the trials and tribulations of remote learning.

1. Teachers Should Be Excited To See This, Not Snitching About It

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2. Snack Time 24/7 Is Something We Should Keep Doing Once Lockdown’s Over

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3. AM Alcohol Isn’t The Solution, But It Helps

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4. Algebra? Hell No. HELL No. Not Even For My Own Kids.

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5. Yea, We’re Finding More Gray Hairs Too…

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6. Now That’s Extra Credit We Can All Get Down With

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7. Yeah, We’re Definitely Failing Honors Laundry

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8. Without The “No Wi-Fi” Threat, How Else Can You Make Kids Behave?!

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9. Us Too…Still Counts Though

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10. Whatever You Gotta Do To Make It Work

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11. A Fronted What?! We’re Out.

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12. Guess It Did Come In Handy…

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13. Are There Virtual Sommeliers?

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14. Marrying Rich Sounds So Nice Right Now

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15. Kid’s Not Wrong…

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16. Emotionally done? Yes. Actually done? Far from it.


17. Our IQs Are Slowly Lowering Everyday In Lockdown

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