17 People Who Are Having A Far Worse Day Than You

by TheDuder95

You ever have those days where you wake up in the morning and things just don’t go your way? That’s bound to happen. We all have a bad day from time to time!

Despite that, you’ll definitely feel better after seeing what these poor souls had to go through. Your bad day might not seem so bad after all.

1. Who doesn’t want to start their day with a little extra protein in their coffee? Oh wait.

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2. This guy got an earring he didn’t ask for

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3 This person has a few glass shards in their meal NBD

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4. This happens to the best of us. Sorry dude!

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5. Not sure who we are supposed to feel bad for here: The guy driving the hearse or the person in the casket?

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6. When finger painting goes a little too far for some parents

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7. This person should have known better than to think a Roomba could clean up dog poop

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8. We feel for this poor homeowner. Seriously.

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9. Dude WTF even happened here? This defies physics!

10. Buddy you’ve got to close your car door before you park it on a lift like that

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11. Woof. Good thing this person didn’t seem to have a ton of fine china


12. This person will never park there again

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13. Welp so much for home improvement

14. You hate to see this kind of thing

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15. This is the last place you’d want to leave your passport. Sorry bud!

16. Just use a tissue next time dude

17. Bad dog! Bad!

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