17 Petty Revenge Stories That Are Absolutely Hilarious

by TheDuder95
petty revenge featured image

Folks let’s be real – sometimes revenge is a dish best served petty. These folks on reddit prove that point. Lock in and take notes. We’ve gathered some hilariously petty revenge stories that will either inspire you or make you squirm.

Check out some amazing revenge stories below!


2. This was definitely worth the detention

3. Now THIS is petty

4. This is how you teach someone a lesson

5. Real life Jim from The Office? Sure seems like it!

6. Fuck bullies!

7. Who doesn’t love the smell of microwave popcorn? Absolute freak!

8. Never underestimate the power of petty vengeance

9. The thirst for retaliation starts at a young age

10. Never stand between a man and his fast food

11. Just say no to smoking. You never know when you’re going to get grounded for it.

12. Okay but what if they happened to really love Enya?

13. Revenge is a dish best served HARD AS A ROCK!

14. Never mess with Nicky

15. Probably would have just been easier to ask your roommate to clean his dishes but this works too!

16. Go to hell Anthony!

17. Okay nothing can top this level of petty revenge