18 Car Accidents That Make You Wonder Who Blacked Out

by Staff Writer

Anytime I rubber-neck past car accidents I tend to analyze the scene like I’m some sort of savant insurance investigator. It’s a fun game to play with the wife and kids because nobody can prove they’re right so I always win. Most of the time I jokingly say, “Ooops, shouldn’t have let her drive today.”

Actually, I always say that. It’s hilarious. My wife, especially, just laughs and laughs and laughs.

But every once in a while, you’ll come across a scene that makes you wonder out loud, “what in the ever -lovin’ fudge happened here!?” Then the wife slaps my forearm across the center console as she cuts her eye’s back at the kids.

“What? I said fudge.” I say loudly as I look in my rear view mirror to see if the kids are paying attention. I didn’t say fudge.

Here are a set of images scrounged from corners of the internet that will immediately get you in trouble with the wife when you drive by. Seriously, what happened here?

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Blame The Weather

There is a bigger story here than just blaming bad weather. The insurance investigator in us still wants answers.

Some Truly ‘What The Fudge’ Moments

Sorry kids, daddy didn’t say fudge.

Love car accidents? Here is a Screech from Saved By The Bell-themed NASCAR vehicle!

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