18 Comments So Dumb They Totally Missed The Joke

by Staff Writer

Over in the corner of the internet titled r/woooosh, Reddit users are having an ongoing conversation about dumb people. Dumb people who leave evidence of their stupidity everywhere they go online. Most commonly their droppings are excreted through their keyboard and plop onto website comments sections. Our friends at r/woooosh act as online pooper scoopers and gather it all into a digital pile for us to pick thru.

The above image is a great example. Why can’t a guy make a perfectly funny observation about his couch looking like a butt cheek without someone dropping a truth bomb that destroys the joke? It destroys the joke so badly that there is a brand new butt of the joke! Congratulations, TRUTH TELLERS, your comment just made YOU the new joke.

1. Here’s A Prime Example

Joke photo posted with joke caption… check

Joke realized and extended by first comment. Yeah! Guy who posted picture feels validated! Everyone agrees that the picture is funny!

We all think we are really gonna have fun riffing on this image together until Mr Woooosh comes along. Well congratulations, Mr. Woooosh, guess who we are riffing on now?

2. It Happens On Facebook

3. It Happens Frequently On Facebook



6. Facebook Isn’t The Only Place For Dumb Comments

It’s not hard to find the person who simply isn’t in on the joke.


8. OK Neil deGrasse Tyson

This is actually the way Neil interacts with normal conversation. You people do know this is a joke, right?




12. Do ya think?


14. Oh We Gonna Start Cussing Now?





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