20 Jokes About Entitled, Spoiled, IDIOT Millennials That Are True

millennial joke

Millennials suck. No one likes them. The entire generation is a wash! Boomers waft their shit fumes at millennials, and Gen Z kids love to hurl rocks at them. Hating on millennials is a national past-time. Below are 20 jokes proving that America’s worst generation deserves to have their feet put in cement and thrown off a bridge. We are getting mad just THINKING about people in the age range of late 20s to late 30s.

Oof. We’re all amped up now. We’re gonna go chug a Diet Mountain Dew and shoot cross bows at a stump in the backyard. These millennials are the BANE of our existence. If you’re a millennial? Smash that unfollow button you gimme-gimme-gimme loser! FUCK YOU!!!

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