23 Funny or Painful Looking Pics Of Bad Tan Lines

by Tim K

Is there anything better than a nice day in the sun? We don’t think so. The warm breezes, the tanning, all that sweet, sweet vitamin D… That’s the way it’s supposed to be! But for as great as those sunny days are, that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. Sometimes, people get just a little carried away with all the fun, and end up making one major mistake that can have some serious (and hilarious) repercussions: They forget the sunscreen. Here are some of our favorite examples of bad tan lines resulting from that!

Check Out These Wildly Sunburned Dipshits And Their Tan Lines!

All we can do is live and learn… Right? We think so! Yeah. In conclusion, here’s to hoping these sunburned dipshits eventually learn that the sun can HURT as well as be FUN… or at the very least, they keep on taking pictures of their painful-looking skin for our enjoyment! Thank you, bad tan lines! Goodbye.

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