25 Brutal Roasts That Girls Asked For

by Stevie
Roast Me Featured

We have previously introduced you to the wonderful world of r/RoastMe over on Reddit. With 2.1 million subscribers, this internet hub for insults has a consistent rotation of content. Here are 24 brutal roasts that girls asked for. The roast cycle starts with users who regular upload their own image holding a sign asking to be ripped to shreds. Then the seasoned insult champs go to work.

What becomes an obvious and consistent theme is who is uploading their own pics. A large number of submission are from better than average looking people. Many of these submit with a bio that claims they are some version of un-roastable. Those newbs get shredded quickly.

Submissions from users like Niece Waidhofer do NOT claim to be bullet proof. As a matter of fact, Niece here has been humbled in the past by the Roasting community that now she fully embraces the process. This latest submission had a comment thread that was very funny, much of it provided by Waidhofer herself. She has embraced it so much she even goes by the user name u/rrrroasted.

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