30 Redneck Engineering Examples Of Straight Genius

by Staff Writer

Don’t look down on it. You aren’t ‘hicking up’ a situation by dealing with the materials on hand. Redneck engineering is a special kind of genius. Examples of straight up genius like this are all over the web. Here is a list of some of our favorites. They are placed in here specifically for their unique blend of “visual ha ha” and heaping dose of “hmm, that will probably work great!”

It’s not dumb if it works!

You can take your disposable mindset of single-use, toss-it-out and buy another… we will claim the right to repair everything we possibly can.

Below Are Some Brilliant Examples Of Redneck Engineering

Automobile Hick-ups

Nothing like NOT taking it to the dealer.

Food and Drink Prep Hick-ups

Nothing quite tickles the redneck engineering bone in you like not having a corkscrew.

Home Improvement Hick-ups

Just takes a little bit of imagination.

Your Uncategorized Batch of Genius Hick-ups

You definitely need to get on this trend.

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