35 Hilarious Times This Funny Lady Trolled A Celebrity on Instagram

by Staff Writer
Celest Barber trolling

Celeste Barber is an actor, writer, comedian and all round Instagram Queen of trolling. Her targets are typically unsuspecting celebrities who post themselves in vapid and punchable poses. If you’ve not seen her stuff, you’re missing out.

You can check out what we think is a selection of her most hilarious instagram posts where she has no problem lampooning anyone she wants.

Check out the post below and find Celeste online everywhere:

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#1 Celeste has no problem pulling off any pose

#2 Well, sometime she has issues

#3 Celeste’s videos are just as ‘master trolling’ too

#4 Her husband clearly loves to be included

#5 She will go after male celebrities too!

#25 The weekly shop.

#26 Empowering // Brave

#30 The basis of any good relationship- trust.

#31 When you’re this hot you must lie in the middle of the stairs so NO ONE can escape you.

#32 First day of holidays and you think you can do anything.

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