42 More Funny Examples of James Fridman’s Photoshop Trolling Excellence

by Staff Writer
woman with funny face

Just ask him for help. But be careful what you ask for. James Fridman is very specific, and the results are always hilarious. We’ve been a huge fans of the funny photoshop trolling hilarity of James Fridman for many years now. We have also taken time to highlight other funny examples of James Fridman’s photoshop power in the past.

In short… his shtick is excellent. His trolling of unsuspecting people is always top notch. At this point you might wonder if people who request his help are all in on the joke. Wether they are or not, Fridman has a knack to pick out those who seem to be genuinely requesting photoshop assistance. The results are consistently hilarious.

Here is a healthy list of our favorites. All images in this list come directly from the social following of James Fridman. You should follow him everywhere you can find him. His works spans years and includes hundreds of super hilarious and wholesome posts.

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