7 Hiring Fails That Will Make You Groan With Misery

by Mad Dog

Applying for a job is the worst. But hiring for a job is even more the worst. We’ve got some of the most epic fails by employers looking for employees. Check out the list of hiring fails below, and groan with misery.

Now this is totally maddening. How are you supposed to be a robot when you are a human? Doesn’t make any damn sense to us.

What the hell, man! What science is going on over at Moe’s? This is insanity of the highest order. Cuckoo for damn Cocoa Puffs, in our opinion.

For the love of God. You can’t send emails like that! That’s downright disrespectful.

You have one job, employers. Smh.

That’s not cool. People should be allowed to apply to multiple jobs. We have applied to be a basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder every day for the past six years.

Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang are not that funny. But this email? This is damn funny.


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