9 Extremely Confident People Who KNEW They Were Right (But Were Hilariously Wrong)

by Tim K
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There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re right. Chest puffed out, big-boy-authority-voice on, telling everyone what’s what. There’s just something about knowing everyone MUST listen to you, for you are the King of all Knowledge, the Seer of the Light! You are the One who Imparts the Wisdom, and those lucky enough to bear witness should thank you, over and over and over until the air is gone from their lungs!

Except sometimes, it turns out you’re wrong. Here are some HILARIOUS examples of just that.

These Poor Bastards Really Thought They Knew It All…

Damn!!! Well, okay. Men’s Humorites, let’s use this as a lesson: If you don’t know what you’re talking about, maybe don’t say anything! Or, if you really can’t help yourself, at least get a good screenshot afterward and post it online so we can all get a nice laugh from how bad you got dunked on! Thank you! Goodbye.