14 ‘Guy’s Side Of The Bed’ VS. ‘Girl’s Side Of The Bed’ – Different And Hilarious

by TheDuder95

When it comes to how men do things versus how women do things, the results couldn’t be any more different. Even simple things like how men and women keep their sides of the bed tidy have wide ranging differences.

Twitter user @hannystyles69 learned this the other day when they posted a side by side photo of her side of the bed along with a photo of her boyfriend’s side of the bed. Needless to say, folks on the internet had a lot to say. Thousands of people responded with their own hilarious his side/her side photos. Below are some of the funniest submissions.

Men and women are just different. Plain and simple.

1. Dudes just know what they need next to their bed.

Gatorade bottle filled with water. Some lube. Baseball bat. What more could you want?

2. This is what we call “minimalism”

Her boyfriend must have watched some Marie Kondo on Netflix.

We’ve heard of matching nightstands, but matching guns? That’s next level.

4. Maybe the guy’s side of the bed is less cluttered because he’s got no room with all your stuffed animals on the bed

That’s a huge red, plushy flag for us.

5. These folks should get an OnlyFans for this sort of thing

Now that’s something we would pay to see.

6. That ain’t right fam

Clearly a joke but probably not that far off from the actual truth.

7. Dude looks like he’s about to deploy to the Middle East for a secret CIA mission

Jack Ryan anybody?

8. Priorities

Guys know what ladies are really looking for in a man.

9. Damn. Y’all into some kinky stuff

No judgement here. You do you!

10. We’re not sure which side is worse to be honest

Dudes don’t deserve to be tucked into a corner like that. They need need a place to store their weapons.

11. We’re noticing a pattern here

Dudes just want to protect their lady friends.

Be careful with that thing.

That’s one classy fella.