ALERT: Photos Of Your Most Twisted Text Messages To Your Boys Could Be In This New Art Book

by Tim K

If you’ve already been worried about your text messages being put on blast, here’s some news that certainly won’t make you feel better. According to CNN, Photographer Jeff Mermelstein has published a new book that are just photos of strangers’ text conversations.

Damn. Okay. But what if he took photos of me and my best dudes’ text threads? We say some pretty twisted stuff…

Totally intimate text messages.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Mermelstein’s Instagram

In a new book titled “#nyc,” titled after the hashtag that Mermelstein used on his Instagram account as he documented the snaps, the collection of private text messages varies in tone and subject matter. While each photo offers only a small snippet of the entire conversation (often between one to six messages of back-and-forth) and the identities of the people in the images are totally unknown, one thing is still abundantly clear: These conversations are deeply intimate.

“(I chose) the ones that would be memorable, perhaps even enigmatic or ambiguous, long lasting, and thought-provoking,” the artist said to CNN of the 1,200 photos he’s taken since he began the project in 2018.

Text Messages that should be a 2-way street only.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Mermelstein’s Instagram
Are these text messages art?
Photo courtesy of Jeff Mermelstein’s Instagram

Okay… shit. Damn. I’m not a lawyer or anything, but this seems pretty messed up, right? It just kind of feels, like, if I’m texting some of my best friends about some wild shit that gets me all fired up, like when John Travolta said “Adele Dazeem” at that awards show a couple years back, I shouldn’t have to worry about people besides my best friends (who I know would never judge me and accept me for the pistol that I am ) seeing what I’m saying. In my opinion, my rawest, nastiest thoughts should stay between and my bros.

Drama-filled text messages.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Mermelstein’s Instagram

In any event, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of conversations about privacy come from this new book. At the end of all of this, let’s just hope we all still have a safe place to absolutely tee off on what we think about John Travolta saying “Adele Dazeem.”

Might have to delete those horn text messages about this cake comeback.