All the 2021 Super Bowl Commercials Now Released

by Stevie
2021 Super Bowl Commercials

Some plan to completely avoid the Super Bowl this Sunday. You probably just can’t stomach the idea of giving Tom Brady getting another chance at a ring. Well we’ve got you covered. The batch of 2021 Super Bowl Commercials might be the only reason you watched anyways.

Giant names sat out of the commercial contest this year. Budweiser, Coke and Pepsi won’t be on the boob tube with their annual submission of comedy or nostalgia.

But all of the ads released ahead of the game on Sunday can be seen here:

Dolly Parton Rewrites “9 to 5”

This advertisement for Squarespace does the old flippitty-flop on Dolly’s timeless classic. Encouraging entrepreneurs to follow their passions by working multiple jobs until they don’t have time to watch the Super Bowl.

Shaggy playing marriage mediator is a good gig. Mila always looking like a snack with a snack.

Stanley from the office revises his roll as group grump and we are totally here for it.

Some people are angry drunks. Others get flirty or loopy. Michelob apparently gets you drunk like you’re on weed and you get very philosophical.

Amazon’s Sexy Alexa Looks Like Michael B Jordan

Funny situation that lands a husband defending his role in the relationship. Couldn’t laugh. Felt attacked as a man.

Surprised Jason wasn’t used for something more notorious associated with a teenage boy. You know what I’m talking about. You know that sat around in the creative meeting wondering if they could turn Jason’s face into a crunchy sock somehow. Winner of the “FUNNY” category in our book.

Premise is a bot weird, which is fine. Just like the first season of True detective. What we are really happy to see is that they didn’t pull out in of the old tired Matthew tropes we’ve come to expect. Good move. Runner up in the funniest contest.

Amy Schumer and Her Refrigerator Packed with Mayonnaise

This one is just a 15 second teaser. Not gonna hold my breath for it to be funny, cause you know… Amy and all.

Another 15 second teaser.

‘Twas the Night Before SuperBowl

The Super Bowl legends of yesteryear (Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, Jerome Bettis, Deion Sanders) are too excited about the big game to sleep, so they’re up causing mischief and eating their favorite Frito-Lay snacks, all narrated by Marshawn Lynch.

Just nice to see these two old farts can still get along.

Bud Light Has Its Own Marvel Cinematic Universe

Love it! This one is bound to be a favorite. There is just so much going on it doesn’t even need to have great laugh lines. Bravo on the concept! Bud Light Legends FTW!

This was kinda fun just to see bath robe dad get pelted in the face. Glad Mark gets told to shut up too.

Lenny Kravitz Says We Are All Billionaires

Too bad he isn’t talking about money, cause we could use some of that positively in our wallets, Lenny.

Was hoping for funny. Can the burrito change the way you clog your toilet?

I’m not sure how we feel about confronting us with the fact that we actually eat these characters. It’s getting a little creepy.

Hey, Budweiser, you weren’t using them… so.

Deadliest catch doesn’t care about you!

John Cena Teases Mountain Dew Contest

They said John Cena was gonna be in this commercial. Odd. Cause I could definitely hear him. Actually disappointing that we didn’t get an invisible joke.

Brand new to the Super Bowl shows the pain of showing up at a car dealership in its debut.

Ford Says Finish Strong

Meh. I think we are all kind of tired of this messaging. I know it’s your shtick to do whatever the ‘hashtag somebody STRONG’ bit of the month. But at this point it all feels like a bit.

Fiverr At Four Seasons Total Landscaping

So many jokes could have been made here. Fiverr totally steered clear. Maybe the jokes will come in the spot that isn’t a teaser.

Wait… his wife? Where is Jessica Simpson!?

Poor Jake had to announce his own competitive potential replacement!

When we say “Let’s grab a beer”, it’s never just about the beer. It’s always about life’s most meaningful moments – big and small – that happen when we come together over a beer… or thats at least what the ad copy says.

Sorry, maybe that’s not what the yogurt people meant.

Need more Loopholes!

Lil Nas X Is In Logitech

He was probably so charged up not to sing that stupid song again.

Nick Jonas Hates Finger Pricks

Uh oh… Sounds like another Theranos.

And they are gonna prove it!

Comedian Brad Garrett stars as a shady sandwich mob boss. We’re kinda up for an 8-part netflix season on this one, Brad.

Maya Rudolph’s Tiny Horse

Four Maya Rudolphs!!

Watching Will Ferrell misunderstand is our national pastime.

This was probably one of those that got in for cheap after it took a couple extra months to fill the commercial ad buys.

Indeed Rises Up

The emotional roller-coaster of trying to land a freaking job.

Wow that was a lot. You might take a break and watch a video about a pool fart.