Attempt Fail Army’s “Try Not To Laugh” Challenge

by Staff Writer
Fail Army Video collage

There is something about the conditioning that happens after the first few clips. You can decide you aren’t going to smile, but something has the tendency to take over. Fail Army over on YouTube has been bringing us these compilations for years now. For those of us who find this crap really funny, a challenge like this is difficult to pass.

This compilation is no exception.

Favorite clip: The amazing way that two para-gliders both ran into the same damn tree.

The Funny Clip that made me laugh and fail the challenge: Malfunctioning Bidet.

Best part of a compilation like this is that we don’t stop every four clips to have Bob Saget tell the corniest puns in the history of television. Sorry, Saget. Even as a pre-teen I knew that schtick was bad. We much prefer to watch comps like this chock full of all the fail cringe, and none of the narration cringe.

(If we’re being honest, Alfonso Ribeiro made for a fart better host than Bob Saget ever did. Just saying!)

I think just makes all of us feel better about ourselves. We can be united in the idea that there is someone out there who is a bigger bonehead than us. Or we just take comfort that a camera wasn’t rolling when we experienced the exact same fail.

Thanks to Fail Army for giving me the best 11 minutes I’ve spent in the last 15 minutes. There’s nothing like living vicariously through people who are getting absolutely owned, and very, very painfully so. It makes us feel more alive, even if it makes the people in question feel close to dead of pain or pure, unbridled embarrassment.

What a way to end the week.

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