ATTENTION CHILD READERS: Adults Are Snatching All Your McDonald’s Pokemon Toys Before You Can

by Tim K

Here’s one for all of the kids out there who might be reading Men’s Humor: Per The Takeout, a bunch of weird adults out there are getting their big-ass adult hands on YOUR McDonald’s Pokemon toys before you can.

Damn… If you happen to be a child, this is rough news.

If you are indeed a young tiny child, you might’ve missed this news because you’re busy with chores or something. So, before we go any further, let’s fill you in, little guy.

Here’s What You Missed While You Were Doing Homework Or Numbly Watching TV, Commercials And Everything:

Select McDonald’s are marking the 25th anniversary of Pokemon with a promotion that includes a Happy Meal box shaped like Pikachu’s face… That Happy Meal also includes some super-rare collection Pokemon cards. Sounds neat, yeah?

Here’s The Problem, Little Child…

A whole bunch of weird old adults are swiping in and buying up all the Happy Meals in the world just to get their hands on this awesome (children’s!!!) merch… which means kids are barely getting any of the cool stuff!

Grown Ups Sure Do Stink… And We Are NOT Talking About The Film (2008)

Yep… Yep… Adults Are The Worst… They’ve Even Taken To Twitter To BRAG About Ripping Away Toys From Children (You!!!)

Not cool, man! Just not cool! Here’s to hoping that all of these awful adults die of old age soon and you children get to RISE UP and start running the show with justice in mind for children everywhere! Learn from the mistakes of these adults! Okay, now get back to baseball practice or whatever it is you children got on the docket today! Thank you! Goodbye.

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