Baby Man: Dad Tricks Out His Son With Photoshop To Look Like Big Dude

by Gorman

All any parent wants is for their kids to grow up strong, happy and healthy. The thing is, before any of that can happen, they gotta be weak, tiny and crying most of the time…because they’re babies! Sometimes, however, babies come a little too early, which exacerbates all of the above. This was the case with baby Ryan, son of Matt and Alyssa Macmillan. Matt, a father living in New Jersey with a very special set of skills (photoshop) decided to portray their premature child with all the strength a dad could dream for his son. He turned him into a baby man. He posted these photographs on Bored Panda and the results are some of the cutes…I mean MANLIEST photos you’ve ever seen. Grrrrr!!!

1. Just Checking The Specs On The End Line For The Rotary Girder

instagram @mattmacmakesstuff

One very important thing to know about Ryan is that he’s serious about cars. Get this guy anywhere NEAR a Hyundai and he absolutely can’t shut up about it. And engines? Please, this guy knows everything about engines and stuff.

2. I’ll Raise…4 Cookies

instagram @mattmacmakesstuff

Ryan believes in a simple code for living your life…work hard, play hard. So when Ryan plays, he plays a man’s game–poker. In this picture Ryan is hanging out with his bros kicking back a few milks and just yucking it up baby man style. What a card!

3. Grandpa Baby!

instagram @mattmacmakesstuff

Ryan will one day become a baby grandpa and when he does he will endure that brutal initiation process all baby men must endure…buying this specific hat. Every single grandpa in history is required to wear this hat. It’s non-negotiable. Sorry, babies!

4. Just A Baby Man Communing With Nature

instagram @mattmacmakesstuff

Sometimes the daily rise and grind gets to Ryan, a baby. When this happens he likes to get away and connect to mother nature, a mother who won’t enforce any kind of nap time because that’s just not what she’s about.

5. Keeping It Smooth.

instagram @mattmacmakesstuff

This baby looks sharp, but that’s because he uses a Schick Quattro, the razor of choice for manliest baby men.

6. Bulking Up

instagram @mattmacmakesstuff

What do you have there, Ryan? 1 pounder? Sick, bro!

7. Easy, My Guy! Don’t Go Too Hard!

instagram @mattmacmakesstuff

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan…you’re breaking the cardinal rule. Don’t go too big too soon! Everyone bulks up in their own time, and if you push it early on you might injure yourself. Don’t do it, baby man!

7. Everyone Knows Baby Man Is In Charge Of Carving The Turkey

instagram @mattmacmakesstuff

This is baby man’s one domestic job and he takes it as seriously as any regular man would. When he’s done he’ll ask everyone about how he did and everyone will say “umm, great, you did a great job.” He will be pleased, because he is baby man.

8. Preparing For A Long And Brutal Winter

instagram @mattmacmakesstuff

Without enough wood we won’t make it through the winter! This is the biggest fear for a baby who is also a man

9. Taking Her For A Spin

instagram @mattmacmakesstuff

Ryan may be small, but he still has a job to do.

10. Baby Man Grows Up?

instagram @mattmacmakesstuff

Looks like baby man has found a 9-5 job. Good job, dude! I hope you’e still keeping your dreams of becoming a rock star alive…in the evenings. It’s still just a hobby, right?

11. You’ve Got A Gift, My Man!

Ryan! We had no idea, dude! We’re sorry we ever doubted you!

12. Little Baby Man Grows Up

instagram @mattmacmakesstuff

Good to see that despite Ryan’s beginnings as a 3 lb premature baby, he has blossomed into a 30 foot tall baby man. This is what parenting is all about. Please be sure to follow Matt MacMillan and his whole family on Instagram and YouTube! And while you’re at it, check out some more baby stuff on Men’s Humor!