Best Excuse To Get Out Of Plans? This French Woman Was Mistakenly Declared Dead

by TheDuder95

Apparently proving to courts that you aren’t dead is harder than you might think. Just ask one woman in France who courts mistakenly declared dead in 2017. She’s been fighting ever since to prove that she’s alive but STILL hasn’t been able to.

Honestly being declared dead might be kind of cool. Could be a good excuse to back out of plans you made with a friend. “Oh sorry I can’t make it. I’m actually legally dead.”

Being mistakenly declared dead? What a nightmare!

58-year-old Frenchwoman Jeanne Pouchain says her wild predicament started a few years ago after she was the victim of a lawsuit. A former employee of Pouchain’s cleaning company sued her for allegedly not paying compensation after a job loss.

After a series of legal proceedings, French courts determined that Pouchain owed almost 14,000 Euros worth of compensation to the former employee. The only problem? Pouchain says she was never even summoned to appear in the courts over the lawsuit in the first place. As a result, she was declared dead by courts and her debt was passed down to her husband and son.

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This definitely sounds like hell. But here’s one silver lining; no one would ever fault you for backing out on responsibilities you made while having to deal with this sort of thing.

It might sound like an easy mistake to remedy, but courts have been slow to own up to it. The 58-year-old woman says she lives in constant fear now and hardly leaves her house. Authorities even seized her car over the unpaid debt to her former employee. She fears that her family furniture will be taken next.

Luckily Puchain has lawyers who are working on her case. The woman’s attorney filed an unusual motion last Monday to invalidate the 2017 decision by French appeals courts. The lawyer said he has never before dealt with such a “crazy” case.

Folks on social media were quick to weigh in sharing their thoughts on the nightmare scenario.

We really hope that Pouchain’s predicament gets sorted out as soon as possible. It truly does sound like a nightmare.

But hey look at it this way. If you are declared dead you have an excuse to get out of just about everything right?