Borrow Your Parents’ Costco Card And Buy This Autographed Babe Ruth Baseball

by TheDuder95

Baseball fans and Costco lovers rejoice! The wholesale brand has a special item for sale that you are going to want to get your hands on!

Better call your parents and ask if you can borrow their Costco card! You are not going to want to miss out on this incredible deal.

The membership-only wholesale retailer, known for its bargains on bulk buys, is selling a baseball autographed by Babe Ruth on its website for $64,000. The site listing describes it as “one of the nicest signed Babe Ruth Home Run Special Balls ever made available to the public.”

$64,000 for something at Costco?!

Experts speculate that Costco has recently made the move into dealing sports memorabilia due to its rise in popularity.  The PWCC 500, an index of the most valuable trading cards, reached a record high in 2020. Experts quoted in the Wall Street Journal have attribute this to the spending power of boomers, millennials entering the market and increasing interest from overseas.

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Hey mom and dad – can we borrow the Costco card? We’re going to go pick up some toilet paper and an autographed Babe Ruth baseball. Anything else you want us to pick up?

Along with 27 other items on the “sports memorabilia” section of its website, Costco is also selling a bat signed by Ty Cobb. The bat is inscribed with the phrase “With Best Wishes Sincerely” and dated “3/14/49.” It is priced at $160,000.

While it might seem odd for Costco to sell the one-of-a-kind item, it’s not a first. In the past, Costco has sold furniture and engagement rings, sometimes for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The sticker price on Costco’s newest item might be a little bit high, but folks on social media were quick to weigh in with jokes about buying in bulk.

Thank god that incredible Babe Ruth signed baseball isn’t something you have to buy in bulk.

Don’t think there’s enough room in our pantry for that many baseballs.