Boy Gets OBLITERATED For Not Restocking Fridge After Drinking The Last Soda


INTERNET — Three years ago, Twitter user Rick Glassman captured his family having an argument that every household in America can find relatable. If you’ve ever had a screaming match because a family member or roommate took the last can of soda out of the fridge without replenishing it, you’re about to have a cathartic experience watching Rick’s parents drill their son Danny for failing to restock Coke.

Check it out below:

Get his ass, Mr. and Mrs. Glassman. Get Danny’s inconsiderate ass and teach him a lesson!

We’ve all been there. You are parched. You go to the communal fridge. You open it, hoping to relieve your thirst with a can of your favorite chilled beverage, such as soda, seltzer, beer, or V8, only to discover that they are all gone. Because someone was too lazy or forgetful to replenish the stock after taking the last one, your only option now is a room temperature can. You are livid. You see red, as flashes of rage course through your entire body. In this moment, you know the blind rage that leads people to murder.

It’s the most enraging feeling in the world.

Danny makes a stellar case for spanking children and roommates. He committed an assault on decency and respect for others that can only be corrected through corporal punishment. It’s greedy, thoughtless pig-people like Danny who caused Man to be cast out of the Garden of Eden. Unacceptable.

Men’s Humor would bet everything it has that Danny did not buy the refreshingly cold soda he so rudely drank without replenishing.

Well, we apologize if you got so worked up watching this video that you can no longer continue your work day. Our thoughts go out to the Glassman family, who we hope have a chilled soda in their hands right now to make up for the tragedy they experience in this video. We’re gonna go punch the wall until we cool off, and then return to bringing you the news.