British Woman Mistakes Potato For Dead Person’s Toe, Calls Cops

by Mad Dog

GATESHEAD, ENGLAND — If you’ve ever been kept up at night by some of the embarrassing things you’ve done in your past, just know that this woman has got you beat in that department. Yesterday, a British woman by the name of Katie Wilkinson thought she saw a dead person’s toe in a muddy field, called the police, and when the police arrived, they discovered it was just a harmless potato.

Yep, you heard that right. While walking her dog through a muddy field, Katie saw what she described as “something pretty weird.” She took a couple photos, posted them online, and headed home.


Come on, Katie. That’s clearly a potato. Perfect for baking or mashing. And even she thought it was a potato at first.

“I thought surely it can’t be a toe, it must just be a really weird looking plant or something. I continued on my walk and made my way back home,” said Katie. “I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was just going round and round in my head that it could have been a toe. It could have been severed from someone’s foot or it could still be attached to a body.”

“I got home and bathed Phoebe, I then looked at the photograph I had taken again and I was convinced it was a toe. I sent it to all of my friends and family and asked what they thought it was. I also wanted to make sure I wasn’t being daft. Every single person replied saying that it was definitely a toe.”

After that, Katie decided to call the police. She showed detectives exactly where the field was where she had discovered what she now believed was a dead human toe. After about 45 minutes, police had some news for Katie.

“One of the sergeants walked over to me and said ‘is this your toe?'” Katie described. “He then held out his hand which was holding a potato. I immediately felt so embarrassed. I couldn’t believe I had wasted all their time for a potato.”

Yeah, Katie, we can’t believe it either. This is downright silly. The next time you see something in a field, just leave it be. You’re not a detective, you’re just a person.