16 Crazy Cardboard Car Mods Anyone Can Create

by Staff Writer
cardboard car mod get in loser

You haven’t lived until you’ve fished cardboard out of a dumpster to make your car look sick. Don’t even pretend like your trip to Europe was better than dumpster diving behind Denny’s to find the perfect thickness for the sweet ass spoiler you have in mind. Amazing where a little American ingenuity will take you when you have awesome cardboard car mods idea that you just can’t shake.

When you finally see it all come together… Mmmm-mmm. There is nothing like the look on that cop’s face when he pulls over your hybrid Mazda/Nascar.

Cop: “What the hell did you do, son?”

You: “I know, wicked awesome, right?”

Again, Cop: “Step out of the car son.”

Again, You: “Cool you want a selfie with this bad boy.”

Cop: ” Just slowly step out of the vehicle.”

1. Drag reduction is off the charts with this bad boy

2. What could you do with an Acer computer box?

3. Uh-oh, the pros just showed up


4. Holy schnikes with wheels too!


5. No reason to think you couldn’t snow plow with this too.

6. Keep Refrigerated – sound advice.


7. Perfect cruise mobile for four on the roof

8. Painter’s tape instead of duct tape…

It is details like this that let us know we are dealing with serious people.

9. “Well, I’m showing up to that damn elitest car show whether they uninvite me or not!”

I’m sure the organizers were super pumped to have him join.

10. This guy went around at night pimping people’s cars our for free!

Settle down. We don’t know if he is doing it any more. We don’t know if he ever took request. We don’t know if he is gonna organize a tour that includes your driveway. The guy’s name is Max Siedentopf and the project was title Slapdash Supercars. He spent the evening lurking the streets of Amsterdam to find unsuspecting vehicles to upgrade… FOR FREE!

Apparently giving free cardboard car mods away for free is somhow illegal!? Explain that to us, Marijuansterdam! Geez.


11. Cardboard and PAINT!? Can we handle the awesomeness.

12. Can we buy these in a kit? Or is it only available by going behind the grocery store?

13. White cardboard for a white car might call for a disqualification.


14. Apparently this will improve your fuel efficiency by 15%. Like for reals.


15. We got chicken wire and duct tape mixed in with this bad boy.


16. Like a Halloween costume for you car

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