Cheapskates Get Ulcers After Eating 60 Pounds Of Oranges To Avoid Baggage Fees

by TheDuder95
Man in hospital, inset image of oranges

Now this is a story that will definitely tug at the heartstrings of anyone who has ever tried to avoid extra baggage fees at the airport. Four men traveling in China apparently got mouth ulcers after eating over 60 pounds of oranges to avoid having to pay extra to take them home.

Those dudes just made the ultimate sacrifice. We stan a cheapskate willing to get mouth ulcers just to save a buck!

Baggage fees suck!

The incident occurred recently at an airport in Kunming, Southwest China’s Yunnan Province. The four travelers in question purchased a 60 pound box of oranges while on a business trip. When they got to the airport to travel back home, the airline stopped them and said that they would have to pay an extra baggage fee for the fruit.

Rather than pay the $46 (300 Yuan) fee to travel with the oranges, the men said “to hell with that” and decided to just eat them. They allegedly ate all 60 pounds of the oranges in around 30 minutes. After completing the feat, however, they started to suffer from ulcers in their mouths.  “We never want to have any oranges again,” said one of the cheapskates during an interview with Global Times.

All that just to avoid a baggage fee that could have easily been split between the four men? Now that’s legendary cheapskating at its finest! We appreciate their dedication to the craft.

While not much more is known about the notorious penny pinchers, social media had a field day reacting to this story.

We wish these brave individuals a speedy recovery. We wish we were half as brave as those men in China.

In a world filled with corporate corruption and hidden fees, these four tightwads have inspired all of us to stick it to the airlines when they try to overcharge us. Enough is enough!

The people will continue to rise up!