Check Your Garage: This Guy Found A 70-Year-Old Pasta Sauce Recipe In His Garage, So Who Knows What Yours Has?

by Tim K

Here’s an inspiring story for people who assume there’s probably nothing secret or interesting in their garages: This guy found a secret 70-year-old marinara sauce recipe in his garage!

Per The Takeout, Reddit user orestes77 says he discovered an envelope labeled “Spaghetti Recipe” hidden behind a pegboard attached to the walls of his garage. Inside the envelope, he found a hand-written recipe for pasta sauce.

Damn! So who knows what might be in YOUR garage? Recipe for, I don’t know, some kind of breakfasts? It could be anything! I’m just thinking out loud.

The Redditor, whose real name is David, went on to tell Today that he thinks the envelope was left there purposefully for someone to discover.

The ingredients include a gallon (yes, a gallon) of chopped onions, five pounds of ground beef, and weirdly, celery salt… that makes for a TON of sauce.

“It’s interesting that it makes so much,” David said. “Was it for a restaurant?”

The recipe writer’s name was Bill Engleman, and his instructions gave directions to the local market. He even left a phone number where he could be reached “if there is anything you don’t understand.” The house was originally built in 1947, which means the recipe was obviously stuck in the garage some time after that — but David’s attempts to find out more about the mysterious Bill Engleman AND the market led nowhere.

So Is The Sauce Good? Or Does It Taste Like Shit? It Probably Tastes Like Shit, Right? Because It’s So Old. Like, Just Because It’s Old Doesn’t Mean It’s Better. Probably Means It’s Worse, If Anything.

Yeah, no, you’d definitely think that, but according to Terri Peters of Today, it tastes perfectly fine! Not great, but not the worst:

The sauce was flavorful and had a unique taste: I could definitely pick up hints of the celery salt, which made it different than spaghetti sauce I’d had in the past. The ratio of meat to sauce made it very light, a sauce I think would make a great addition to lasagna or meatball subs, but it didn’t seem quite substantial enough to stand alone on top of pasta.

Excellent! Pretty cool. That’s a pretty cool ending to the story, we think. In any event, thanks for stopping by! Thank you! Goodbye.

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