Civil War: New Jersey And Chicago’s Twitter Accounts Are Screaming At Each Other Over Whose Pizza Is Better

by Tim K
pizza wars tweet

If you thought “Civil War” was just an eightish-minute song from disc two of Guns N’ Roses’ 1991 double album, ‘Use Your Illusion,’ you might wanna think again: The official New Jersey and Chicago Twitter accounts are currently locked in a heated debate over whose state has the better pizza.

Let’s Catch You Up On The Full-Blown Civil War!

It all started innocently enough, with incredibly odd and unprompted tweet:

Pepperoni pizza outline of New Jersey, the word ‘New Jersey’ has a little crown floating above it, pretty sub-par-looking pizza… basically all nonsense. It should’ve just ended there, right? Wrong! Because Chi-Town came back with THIS:

And from there, things all went full-blown Civil War (I Don’t Need Your Civil War / It Feeds The Rich While It Buries The Poor)

First, There Was This EPIC Clapback:

And Boom! And That’s When The Rest Of Twitter Jumped In And Took Their Sides!

(Look At Your Young Men Fighting / Look At Your Women Crying / Look At Your Men Dying / The Way They’ve Always Done Before)

Peace could last forever…

In my first memories they shot Kennedy

God damn. What a banger. We are just rocking out so hard right now. Axl at his most political. Slash shredding his heart out. What’s not to love? Bill Bailey, you are a king of kings, brother. Hope we get to hear new music from the GNR boys sometime soon. We’re waiting anxiously for the return of the KING!

Oh yeah, pizza, whatever is going on there, good luck to you guys! Pizza rules.

Well, wherever you land on this debate, we can all agree on one thing: this song by Guns N’ Roses kicks ass! Thank you! Goodbye.

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