20 Cringeworthy But Hilarious Moments That People Wish They Could Take Back

by TheDuder95

We’ve all fallen victim to some cringeworthy moments at some point in our lives. That’s a fact. But these hilariously sad moments were captured and posted online for all of us to enjoy. The popular subreddit r/sadcringe is filled with all kinds of brutally funny posts that will make you squirm.

We picked out some of the most cringeworthy ones for the list below. Enjoy!

That’s the number one rule of monetizing fart descriptions. Amateur.

Someone turned the cringe levels all the way up with this post. We are having an out of body experience right now. Yeesh.

Papaw should have maybe texted his grandkids before cooking all those burgers. Good lord, grandpa.

Getting publicly owned like this must hurt pretty bad. Hate to say it, but he definitely deserved it. Relax dude!

Who knows? Maybe it’s just a classic number change scenario. Probably not though. Seems like someone moved on pretty quickly.

Did they learn how to do this in the Army or something? Yikes!

Maybe keep your dating life private so you don’t make our skin crawl.

There’s no cheat code to remove this cringe from our lives.

Eric is full of shit.

You are never going to find love by being an asshole who is Horny on Main.

Yes we totally believe you dude. You really did get the girl. You’ve convinced us.

Hashtag tattoos are never a good look.

Who could resist a guy like this?

Influencers gonna influence.

At least save some of the surprises for the first date.

Not even Facebook Marketplace is safe from cringe.

It’s only been 10 hours. There’s still a chance you’ll find the one.

The next family get-together is bound to be awkward as hell.

Gaming probably counts as an irreconcilable difference, right?

AWKWARD. Cringeworthy to the max.