Everyone Take A Look At This Idiot Cat

by TheDuder95

It’s not often that the entire Internet gets to unite in a common cause. Lucky for us, someone posted an incredible video of their cat being really dumb. Sit down, relax, and unite with the masses. Behold this idiot feline! You cannot make this sort of thing up!

Bro what are you doing? That’s not how you drink from a faucet. Good lord that’s embarrassing! What are you even trying to do here?

Idiot cat!

In unsurprising fashion, the video of this moron went VIRAL on Twitter. As of now it has almost 100k Retweets alone and over 300k Likes. It’s also racked up an astounding 2.8 million views! It seems like just about everyone agrees that this cat is incredibly stupid. We are absolutely here for that!

The Twitter user who posted the video says that their cat’s name is Kylo and he is a 100% Grade A Certified Dipshit. The cat has an official Instagram handle dedicated to all of his stupid behavior that folks can follow as well. Just take a look at this dumbass. What a straight-up goofball!

Seriously shoutout to Kylo for being so willing to take one for the team here. In a world filled with so much chaos and sadness, we really needed this. Collectively as a nation we all needed to have a laugh. Kylo stepped up to the plate for us in a major way.

As soon as the video of Kylo was posted, folks on social media had plenty of thoughts. That’s for sure. People online did not hold back at all.

You have to appreciate this dumb cat for bringing the whole internet together. At the end of the day, that’s a beautiful thing. It’s rare to come across something that nearly everyone can enjoy.

Cheers to Kylo the dipshit cat! You’re a real one!