Tony Hawk Fans Keep Telling Tony Hawk That He Looks Like Tony Hawk

by TheDuder95

LOS ANGELES, CA – It’s no secret that Tony Hawk is a legend. Tony is a certified beast on the half-pipe, and his career has transcended skateboarding entirely. He’s done video games, TV shows, movies – you name it, and he’s probably done it. That’s why you’ll be shocked at what happened to Mr. Hawk on a plane the other day.

Yep that’s right, Internet. People keep going up to Tony Hawk and telling him that he looks exactly like Tony Hawk. Makes sense. After all, he IS Tony Hawk.

After three different people approached the skating legend this weekend to tell him that he looked exactly like Tony Hawk, he took to Twitter to share with his fans. Later, Hawk clarified that those who approached him were in on a long-running joke.

Hawk’s gone viral on multiple occasions the past few years recounting similar instances. His reactions to these events only prove that this skateboarding legend knows how to take things in stride.

Wow. Tony Hawk clearly has a good sense of humor.

Perhaps people are confused because he normally wears a helmet? Or maybe he’s just getting older and people are having trouble recognizing him because his face has more wrinkles and he’s got gray hair now? Who knows.

If we ever see you in the flesh, Tony, we promise we’ll recognize you.