17 Funny “Cringe” Moments That Are Difficult To Look At

by Staff Writer

Seeing cringey things like this pains your soul (if you have one). Something about watching others be blissfully unaware reminds me of a couple key times in middle school when I also had no clue. The resulting wedgies and looks of scorn are enough to replay as psychic scorn every time we see someone else being just as clueless.

Then there are the examples of funny cringe moments like a trend of tiktok users licking a toilet seat… you people don’t get our sympathy at all.

The good internet citizens over at r/Cringetopia provide a growing cache of funny examples of the best and worst of clueless human behavior. Here are some of our favorites.

1. This kinda thing rocks the cringe all the way down my spine


2. A clearly shopped Lamborghini logo badly placed on the steering wheel of Honda


3. Hey buddy, cool ink


4. Does someone have this job?


5. John, John… uhhh JOHN STOP!


6. Imagine watching this play out next to you

7. Old high school cringe is the worst kind


8. Accidentally uploading a picture of yourself on your catfish page


9. Middle school cringe is worse than high school

10. You don’t have to blurt your opinions out

11. Read the room dude

12. The worst acting ever

13. She did it, everybody!


a story about my day, have you ever had an unexplainable experience with weather? #spiritualawakening #fyp #magic #witchtok #spirituality #nature

♬ Fairy Fountain – Super Guitar Bros

14. You can feel a picture


15. You MUST watch – but your face will be stuck in cringe mode

16. Mom make you post this bro?

google images

17. Uhh, extreme cringe moment

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