Funny Work From Home News Bloopers

by Staff Writer
screen captured from news be funny

Can we please just get back to normal already? It’s time, right? The news bloopers headline makes me think something different.

It’s not time yet!?

If this answer frustrates you like it does the rest of us… breath. Let’s just take a moment and reflect on the ridiculousness that is created from the awkward transition into broadcasting news from home.

Let the news bloopers roll:

Did you land on a favorite?

This girl in the thumbnail wasn’t faking. I”m just glad to see that her dad could make the best cameo in the history of cameos. Move over Stan Lee, someone died and made this dad YOU!

Her frustration was palpable.

I can imagine the things that dad said immediately after and am satisfied with them all.

  • “Maybe you should put the Lysol can away too, sweetie”
  • “This for a school project?”
  • “Whatever, Lydia, you don’t pay rent”
  • *lifts his right cheek slightly and unloads a beefer*

I for one was a little disappointed there weren’t more farts in the video. If you were hoping to see more farts too you should jump over and watch all the celebs who farted on live TV.