Gorilla Glue Girl Is Here And No She’s Not A New Marvel Superhero

by TheDuder95

A woman from Louisiana is now being dubbed “Gorilla Glue Girl” by the Internet, and no it’s not for good reason. The woman in the Bayou State used Gorilla Glue as a hairspray, and posted a video online of the horrific results.

Usually when we hear a phrase like “Gorilla Glue Girl” it’s usually about a new Marvel superhero, but not this time. This poor woman’s hair is absolutely solid as a rock. Guess that’s a superhero power in its own way, right?

“My hair, it don’t move. You hear what I’m telling you? It don’t move.” 

This all started a few days ago when Tessica Brown posted about her plight on her Instagram account. She revealed that she had run out of her usual hairspray and decided that Gorilla Glue, an industrial adhesive used on things like bathroom tiles, wood flooring and decking, would do the trick. Her hair was immediately hardened by the glue, and not even washing it 15 times could bring it back to it’s normal state.

After Brown’s video went viral online, Gorilla Glue reached out to her with recommendations on how to remove the adhesive. Unfortunately, nothing worked for Brown. She ended up checking herself into the hospital to get the glue removed.

We hate to see our newest Internet superhero in this kind of condition. It’s kind of like when you see your favorite Marvel hero get knocked down by a villain in the MCU.

While Gorilla Glue Girl will certainly have a long recovery, it’s not all bad. Whether she intended to or not, her posts have gone super viral and she’s earned nearly 700k followers on her now verified Instagram page! She also has a GoFundMe started that’s raised over $13,000! Even celebrities like Chance The Rapper reached out to offer their support to her during her time of need.

The rest of the Internet quickly chimed in to offer their thoughts on her situation as well.

We hope that Gorilla Glue Girl makes a full recovery and gets back to fighting crime or whatever she does very soon.

The world needs her now more than ever.