Guinness Clearly Lowering Its Standards As Man Sets Record For Eating Hottest Pepper

by TheDuder95
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[CANADA] – It’s official. Guinness has a brand new record holder. This time for eating three of the hottest pepper in the entire world.

Wow Guinness will let you set a record for just about anything these days, huh? What ever happened to having to get over 400 body piercings to become a record holder? Eating three peppers? Come on that’s nothing!

Really, Guinness???

Canadian YouTuber/foodie Mike Jack officially set the new record for fastest time to eat three Carolina Reaper chillies. He completed the challenge last November in just 9.72 seconds, but Guinness officially announced him as the record holder just the other day.

Guinness required that each pepper weigh at least 5 grams (0.18 oz) and be eaten in under 10 seconds. Mike Jack also had to present a certificate proving they were in fact Carolina Reaper chillies. The reaper, which rates at a 1,569,300 on the Scoville scale, was itself declared the World’s Hottest Pepper by Guinness back in 2017.

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Not only did he eat the hottest pepper of all time, he ate THREE of them! Wow, that’s cool Mike Jack. But remember the good old days when you had to be almost 9 feet tall to get the attention of Guinness? Robert Wadlow would be rolling in his super long grave if he knew that someone set a record just for eating peppers.

Guinness World Records posted a video clip of Mike Jack completing the challenge. It’s honestly pretty hard to watch but we recommend taking a look at it even though there are plenty of cooler world records out there. Like this one.

Now that dog clearly has talent.

We’re not saying that we could eat three Carolina Reapers back to back, let’s be real. It’s definitely a tough task to accomplish! But at the end of the day we do have standards. Call us when the lady with the longest finger nails in the world decides to eat a hot chili pepper.

Longest fingernails on a pair of hands ever (female)
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Now that would definitely grab our attention.