WATCH: Guy Designs Coat Hook That Pours You A Shot

by Staff Writer

The mad man is named Matt Benedetto and he goes by u/rightcoastguy on reddit where he has a dedicated following. Matt’s content is self-described as ‘unnecessary inventions’ which is also the name of a sub-section of Reddit that Matt completely dominates. It’s not fair to just label him as a guy who designs unnecessary inventions… he is a lot more.

Here is Matt’s latest invention that is deserving of our hype.


Not-So-Useless Inventions

Don’t let the name of the subreddit fool you. While Matt leans into the the styling of useless Japanese inventions, in the last several months, Matt has crafted inventions that go way beyond the entertainment value of a coat hook pouring you out a hard one after a full day.

Matt’s peanut butter jar scraper is not so unnecessary

Brilliant stuff — even beyond the humor. His longer videos are well-produced and make it obvious that he is a serious engineer. Here is Matt’s most viewed video on youtube:

And here is my personal favorite of all Matt’s engineering genius. Not sure why I love it so much… I think maybe I like the idea of kicking the coffee table in frustration at my kids and having an excuse. “Daddy isn’t angry, he just wants you to put the puzzle together.”

Give the bro who designs unnecessary inventions a follow on his youtube channel if you’re into that whole subscribing thing.

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