Honolulu Has A New Sheriff In Town, And It’s A Robotic Dog That Takes Your Temperature

by Mad Dog

HONOLULU, HI — If it’s got four legs, a metal snout, and a cop uniform on, you might be staring at Honolulu’s newest police officer: The RoboDog. Apparently, at the small price of 150,000 dollars, the Hawaiian police department decided to purchase their own mechanical K9, courtesy of famous robotics company, Boston Dynamics.

This four legged robot pop can walk on various terrain, open doors, record video, and even dance—just like Men’s Humor reported a few days ago.

The robot dog in action

Look at Spot go!

According to officers involved with the purchase, the dog was bought in order to help Honolulu combat the world famous coronavirus, by testing the temperatures of homeless people in and around the city.

Basically, it’s a very expensive dog-shaped thermometer. So you can imagine not everyone was stoked about this purchase.

How did the town react?

Some people are pissed off that this is where the police department spent their money.

“It sounds absolutely ridiculous,” said Katrina Langford, a local citizen of Honolulu who is struggling during the pandemic. “I could think of a lot of better things to do with that money. It seems like people are taking temperatures everywhere and they don’t need robots to do it.”

How did the police officers respond?

But the deputy police chief of Honolulu clapped back at people who were complaining.

“Spot will help to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through touchless field screening and interaction with homeless individuals in self-quarantine,” he said.

“Oftentimes, POST participants will request medical attention when exhibiting possible symptoms of COVID-19. In an effort to reduce possible exposure, the Spot robot will provide telemedicine to those individuals and can deliver medical supplies and food.”

The bottomline:

We like the robot dog and think it would be perfect for an Air Bud x RoboCop crossover event. Something called Robobud or K9 Commando would be pretty good options for names. Until then, stay safe out there and if this dog pulls you over, make sure you give him plenty of treats!