“Home Scientist” Air Fries Hotdog To Oblivion, Tweets Data, And Unites Our Country In Shared Disgust

by Gorman

TWITTERVERSE – A Twitter user by the name of Kendrick Lobstar @KLobstar is at the forefront of the scientific hotdog community. Starting on January 1st, Kendrick began a Twitter thread recounting his findings while air frying a hot dog for 120 minutes to see what would happen to it.

Buckle up, boys. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

It’s plain to see that Kendrick is a scientist who knows what he is doing. He quickly deduced that the dogs would have to be fried in 10 minute intervals. Otherwise, they would obviously explode. Great, job Kendrick! We’re off to a great (and SAFE) start!

At 10 minutes the dog is looking like it’s in sporting shape.

At 30 minutes Kendrick has a decent char going, even though it looks disgusting (Men’s Humor will ALWAYS be pro-grill). But we respect Kendrick’s unending pursuit of knowledge. The human race thrives and grows because of men like Kendrick.

This is when things get a little sticky, and by sticky we mean gross and completely burned to shit. Houston, we have a problem. We’re glad we can’t smell the carnage.

Don’t do it, Kendrick. Don’t you dare doubt yourself. This is important work. Keep going!

Safety first! Gotta love this guy, what an absolute king.

Then this happened. It doesn’t matter if it tastes good, bro. The only thing that matters is that YOU like it. Fuck the haterz, as they say.

Looks like Kendrick is a man of his word. He put the hot dog in his mouth and tasted it. And while we can’t say that a carbon dick sounds appetizing, it does sound very, very cool.

Follow @Klobstar on twitter. Seems like a good bloke who knows his way around an air frier, if not around a hot dog.