How Guys Communicate

by Stevie

If you’ve ever confronted the old cliche that guys just don’t communicate well. Just know, that it is a dirty lie from the pit of Hades. Guys communicate. They might not do it in the way that your therapist likes… but they definitely communicate. Here are a few examples of how guys communicate. When a guy, in the midst of friends, says something like…

“Would you guys be there for me if I was going through something?”

– one dude trying to “communicate”

That guy deserves to be communicated back to. This is a good example of how a group of guy friends handle it this vulnerability for one in their friend group. Seriously, watch this.

The First 48 Seconds Is All You Need To Know About How Guys Communicate

These guys create youtube content that millions of people watch. It focuses on the finer points of typical gamer interaction. We could get deep about this clip and point out how guys will strip away the trappings of fake relationships, or that they immediately throw up barriers to defend against opening up. Whatever. Guys just love talking as much crap as they can. Draw out whatever psychology you want while we talk shit.

And hey there, ladies, guys will often shut down normal conversation because of this kind of thing that Family Guy jokes about:

Family Guy Speaks The Truth

Here are the memes

Here are a few memes that we though was funny on the subject of how guys communicate. Fell free to scroll. Some of them are about how women communicate cause they also made us laugh.

That sums it up for a lot of guys

If your wife/girlfriend has been drinking a little bit too much paranoia juice,
guys find themselves in a position where the best thing to do is freeze like a caged squirrel.

Thanks for taking the explainer on this one, Cameron.

The only reason this one is funny is because it’s exploiting the female
stereotype that girls are constantly asking for more communication.
I’m not saying that it’s not true, I’m kinda saying that
I live with someone that makes it VERY TRUE.
Funny cause we all know someone like this.
And half of them are females, so it doesn’t really help my explanation move along.
Reddit user RobSwift127 summed up this communication question nicely 3 years ago.

Then a follow up to that first guy’s honest answer…

It’s not that guys don’t communicate, we are just good at keeping secrets.