How Many Excavators Do You Need To Excavate An Excavator?

excavator in the mud

You think you know what a bad day at work is? You got no clue, brother. Letsdig18 on YouTube posted a video of an excavator crew excavating an excavator that somehow sank all the way into the mud. Whoever was responsible for this machine is probably looking for a new job.

Check out this extreme Excavator Fail below

Jesus Christ. How did this construction machine fall that deep into the earth?!

Odds are, they probably found some dinosaur bones while digging this thing up. Whatever construction project they were originally working on probably pales in comparison to the scale of this rescue operation.

Judging by the video, it appears that the operator was inside the machine’s cab the entire time. This has the makings of a feature-length thriller. Like Buried, but dumb. The video is almost a feature film in itself, running at 41 minutes long, and worth every single second of your time.

YouTube Commenters went off about this insane incident:

  • YouTube user KTS-S: “If you watch this backwards it’s about an excavator burying it’s dying friend.”
  • YouTube user ERB JR: “No way I’m spending 40 minutes on this. 40 minutes later: hmmm well how about that”
  • YouTube user Chris Andrews: “I wandered in here b/c of the algorithm, and became emotionally invested in the outcome of this recovery”

Well, it just goes to show that a machine meant to dig stuff up out of the ground can quickly become one of those things stuck in the ground itself. Brutal.

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