How Many Of These Funny 90s Commercials Do You Remember?


Commercials are the bane of every TV viewer’s existence until a few decades breeze by. Over the years, commercials mature into curious time capsules, fascinating in their outdated style and nostalgia value in equal measure. What’s the best decade for TV ads? We’ve determined that 90s commercials represent the artistic height of the medium. Thanks to YouTuber The90sKid, we can bask in their glory.

How many of these 90s commercials do you remember?

Whoa. What a trip back in time.

Be honest. Do these fruit people still send shivers down your spine or what?

via The90sKid

Because we are not ashamed to admit it. These fruit guys scare us to death.

We remember every last one of these ads. From the lady who looks like a Hostess product to the Mentos Freshmaker commercials, these are still lodged in our brain.

How many beautiful childhood memories have been erased from our minds to accommodate space for these ads? We shudder to think.

Mama…poppa…the warmth of your embrace in the sunlight of the pre-renovated kitchen where we took our first steps…we cannot recall. We only recall Gushers. Nothing more.

The grainy VHS footage imbues these junk commercials with a special dream-like touch. The food seems better than it was. The people look healthier than they were. The corny graphics look more like artistic choices than trash. It’s hard to imagine we’ll look back at today’s commercials and feel the same way, but odds are, we will.