However This Grease Fire Ended, It STARTED Pretty Funny


Fires suck. There’s no arguing that. However, the way fires start have a chance of being pretty hilarious. There is no better example of a hilarious fire than this video by Action Jaxon on YouTube. Let’s hope he was okay in the end, but let’s laugh at the way it started.

“When the grease gets to poppin”…commence!

Watch the funniest Serious Fire video below!

God DAMN! That fire is funny as hell. Whatever happened afterwards, we’re going to choose to ignore. This fire was just too good to sully it with a tragic fallout.

As you can see, the man just wanted to make some Crinkle Cut fries. Fancying himself a chef, he donned his white chef’s coat and hat, and timidly approached a pot that was literally growling with hot grease. He cautiously dropped frozen fries in the pot, and soon, the party started (by party we mean fire).

Well, hope he’s alright! His reaction gave us a good laugh, and for that, we thank him!

For Men’s Humor readers in need of a fire safety lesson…NEVER put out a grease fire with water. NEVER DO THIS. It will make the fire approximately 100x worse. NEVER DO THIS!!!!!

For now, we advise you all to stick to microwaving your foods instead of attempting anything like deep frying (do not put metal in the microwave).

“Avoid fire. Seek out male-oriented internet content.” – proverb, anonymous man

Until next article, have a wonderful scroll!