Internet Classic: If You Recognize This Thumbnail, You Know What Happens Next

big boy on diving board

You saw the thumbnail. Within your brain, something clicked. A memory. An old, old memory, from the halcyon days of Internet content back in the early to mid-2000s. A better time for the Internet. But a much, much worse time for this big boy on a diving board. Do you remember this Internet classic? If so, you know exactly what happens in this video.

Watch this Internet classic and laugh all over again

We are wheezing with jolly and good spirits. This video is our Bible. Nothing has influenced the Men’s Humor ethos more than a large guy eating a landfill of shit on a diving board.

This is our muse. Our God. The Holy Grail. It’s what makes our heart go on beating in this cruel, hopeless universe we inhabit.

Let’s recap the video. Boy bounces on a diving board. He bounces again, and again, and again. And then some more. He’s getting ready for an epic splash. The diving board is a trampoline to him. He’s getting cocky. What goes up, must come down, he thinks to himself, as he hopes to impress an older woman who is observing from across the pool. This older woman is watching this boy gain momentum, a little drunk, sleep-deprived. Defeated. She is divorced, raising her three misbehaving kids on her own. Little does she know this large boy on the diving board is hoping to impress her with a great big splash. He’s thinking of her constantly. His heart swells when he imagines her smile of approval after he hits the water. Meanwhile, the woman is praying he slips and falls. It’d make the trip to the indoor pool worth it.

And what do you know? Big boy on diving board comes through with the fail. Making this woman’s day. Saving her life, even. The big boy sustains multiple spinal fractures, but recovers after a few years of physical therapy. He goes to trade school, and becomes an electrician. He is beloved by the neighborhood. Everyone wins.

Yup, this video is an Internet classic alright.

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