Internet Legend: The Kid Who Made His Dad Buy Him Hand Lotion During A Blizzard

by TheDuder95

Internet legend is a phrase that we do not use lightly. Despite that, we feel it is a title clearly in order for the kid who made his dad buy him hand lotion during a blizzard. If you haven’t seen this video before, please watch it now. You will not regret it.

What an incredible moment captured live on camera thanks to our local media. Without local news, we would have never heard about this kid. He is truly an internet legend.

We can speculate forever about the reason why this kid wanted hand lotion. Unfortunately, what’s lost in that conversation is the fact that this young man did well in school. That’s incredible. His dad was also very supportive of him which is yet another beautiful thing.

Even if he made his father trudge out in a blizzard with him to get hand lotion to jerk off with, it doesn’t erase this moment of pure father-son bonding. This is what parenthood is all about. Helping your child achieve in school, and then rewarding them as a method of positive reinforcement. Every child should be so lucky.

It’s pretty remarkable that this kid thought he was just going to mozy on home with his brand new lotion, only to be stopped by a news crew in the process. What are the chances? One in a million at least. You’d have a better chance of being struck by lightning than getting interviewed by the local news after purchasing jerk off materials.

This is the stuff of Internet lore. Wonder what this kid is up to now? We hope he at least enjoyed the lotion and continued to do well in school.

There’s probably very little chance he was able to live this video down.