Know-It-Alls Who Were Actually Hilariously Wrong And Stupid

by TheDuder95

No one likes know-it-alls. They are just incredibly difficult to be around. At the same time, there’s nothing better than when a classic know-it-all says or does something totally stupid and wrong. It’s even better when they get called out for it.

If you enjoy know-it-alls getting called out, then look no further than the popular subreddit r/IAmVerySmart. We pulled the best posts from the group featuring smart asses getting something wrong or getting called out for being dumb. The posts are pretty hilarious.

Imagine being this confident about something you are completely wrong about. Someone tell this idiot to watch Planet Earth.

Thanks for letting everyone know you’re a dipshit!

Please get over yourself.

If you don’t know what you are talking about then don’t say anything at all. Simple as that.

Many people DO get it. Even babies. Shut up.

Smart asses really know how to ruin everything, don’t they?

And fails horribly.

Just let us laugh at something without ruining for once. Please!

This is definitely the way to get a date on Tinder.

Way to guarantee that no HR manager will ever call you back.

Maybe you should go back to school?

It’s a joke, moron!

There, we said it.

Not even an IQ test.