Koala Causes 5-Car Pileup In Australia, Thinks It Should Still Be Allowed To Drive

by TheDuder95

“A koala causes a major traffic” accident is probably the most Australian headline you’ll read all day. Luckily for the koala, it managed to survive the massive wreck and make it out alive. That traumatic experience didn’t stop it from wanting to get right back out on the road again.

This koala is certainly “on one” if it thinks humans should let it get behind the wheel of an automobile after causing a major traffic accident. These animals clearly have no self-awareness.

This animal is a freak!

Police said the crash in heavy Monday morning traffic in the city of Adelaide caused some injuries, but luckily no one was seriously injured. Authorities speculate that the accident occurred after the wild koala tried to dash across lanes of traffic.

Multiple attempts were made to try and rescue the accident causing koala from harm. Nadia Tugwell, using her coat, partnered up with a stranger clutching a blanket to try and capture the creature. Once she was able apprehend the animal, she put it in the trunk of her SUV.

Via Giphy

Once Tugwell stopped at a gas station to turn the animal over to wildlife rescuers, the koala decided to climb into the woman’s front seat to go for a drive. The trauma of being involved in a really bad car accident didn’t deter the koala one bit.

“It started sitting for a while on the steering wheel: (as if ) saying: ‘let’s go for a drive,’ and that’s when I started taking photos,” said Tugwell to reporters. The koala was then taken back to the forest where it lived and let off into the wild.

Luckily for the people of Australia, the koala has not tried to commander any other vehicles as of now. This just once again proves that humans are the superior species. Not only are koalas riddled with chlamydia, they also clearly don’t know how to drive.

Hey koalas, maybe get your learners permit the next time you think you can just go out on a joy ride.