Luckiest Man On The Planet? This Guy Came Home To A Free Driveway

by TheDuder95

AUSTRALIA – It’s not often that people find themselves coming home to surprises that are actually good. Break-ins, basement flooding, you name it; if something bad can happen, it probably will! However, one lucky Reddit user in Australia came home to a special treat waiting right outside his front door.

Via Reddit (u/purple-circle)

Whoever laid that driveway is definitely going to get fired. Yikes!

Reddit user purple-circle posted that he was gone for just a matter of hours that day, leaving with a gravel driveway in his yard and returning to one made of fresh concrete that he didn’t even order. When he got in touch with the company that laid the driveway, he learned that the contractor had quoted the person who actually ordered it for $8000 AUD! That’s over $6000 USD!

Lucky for purple-circle, he was able to get a lawyer who helped him make sure he wouldn’t be on the hook for the contractor’s mistake. Not only would he get to keep the free driveway, but he also got to bask in Internet glory as the post on Reddit racked up over 90,000 upvotes!

Via giphy

Damn. We ought to leave the house more often! Maybe one day we’ll return with a freshly laid driveway waiting for us. Fingers crossed!