Man Devastated After Getting Punk’d Into Thinking He Won The Lottery

by TheDuder95

Punk’d in real life? A convenience store employee went viral on Reddit after he tricked a customer into thinking he had hit the jackpot on a scratch card. The hilarious prank was captured on video and it is absolutely brutal. Stop what you are doing and watch right now.

Damn that’s cold. Ice cold. This shop employee needs to let that guy drink from the slurpee machine for free.

Punk’d IRL? Where’s Ashton Kutcher at?

The shop employee played this prank perfectly. Is it real? Maybe not. But who cares? The employee captured it beautifully on camera. The music that played once he scanned the ticket was also hilarious. This prank definitely took a page out of the Punk’d playbook and we love it. It’s the perfect blend of highs and lows that make these videos so funny.

The video was posted on the popular subreddit r/PublicFreakout just a day ago, but it quickly got thousands of upvotes. The poor guy who thought he had just struck it rich must be super pissed right now. Winning the lottery is something that we all have dreamed about at one point or another. Imagine thinking you won only to have it revealed as a prank.

While the clip is super popular on reddit, folks in the comments say they wouldn’t have reacted so kindly to the prank. People went OFF.

Who knows if this prank is really real or if these folks are just taking us for a ride. Either way, it’s still a pretty hilarious video. All we know is that the guy who lost out on a big chunk of change deserves either an Oscar or a free Snickers bar. We’re not sure which one.

We would just be pissed if it happened to us in real life.