Moments Before Disaster

by Staff Writer

Catching the drama of a moment is hard to do. Depending on your shutter speed you might have a completely different story to tell. I’d like to think each one of these are moments where some hero swooped in and saved the day. But we all think pictures like there are hilarious because our imagination lets us know that this is the facial expression a millisecond before a world of hurt comes crashing in.

Many of these images are added to the web by reddit. You’ll find many of the dumbest ones can be sourced to Russia…

or maybe Florida… it is tough to tell.

Not Your Lucky Day

Jesus Breakdancing For His Favorite Disciples

He Titled It: The Moment I Lost My Glasses

Look Mom, No — $H*T

That Sultry Look Is About To Change

She Gonna Be Pissed

If anyone can tell us the aftermath story on this one it would be great to hear.

She Will Also Be Pissed, But Won’t Smell As Bad

Was That Camera Expensive?

That One Time A Champagne Cork Hit Me In The Eye

Gonna Leave A Mark


Driver Knew What He Was Doing

No Fair Using Innocent Dog As Weapon

We All Want To See The After Photo

After A First Combat Mission

Russia or Florida?

Proper Way To Crash A Wedding

The Beginning Of A Fight With The Wife

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