Most Polite Bullfrog Of All Time? We Vote Yes. This Bullfrog Got Manners!


Do you have manners? Be honest. Do you? No way for us to verify whether you do or don’t, BUT, what we can tell you is that this bullfrog is probably more polite than you. What’s so cool is that the bullfrog is beautiful too. A giant amphibian that is as gorgeous as it is polite? That’s a whole damn package, baby.

We can’t bring you anywhere. But this bullfrog, we can bring anywhere and trust that he will behave (and charm!).

Watch this beautiful African bullfrog behave below!

His name is Seymour (you would know that if you watched the video and didn’t just scroll ahead out of this article’s designed sequence, but go off…). Seymour is round, and he is mates with his owner. Normally, African bullfrogs have a reputation for being short-tempered. But Seymour…not so.

Seymour patiently waits for his owner to feed him maggots or larvae or worm, whatever the hell those little wriggly things are. He does not complain that he isn’t being fed french fries or Reese’s peanut butter cups or meatballs, like YOU would. Instead, Seymour eats his worms (?) and minds his own damn business.

Did you notice that Seymour doesn’t bark even once? More than we can say for you.

Dogs are cool pets, but we’re re-thinking what pet we’d like to have after watching this video. In terms of stripping nude and letting your pet bounce around all over you, while it politely waits for its next larval treat (?), bullfrogs out-perform dogs, there is no competition there.

Well, by typing that out, we’ve convinced ourselves: a bullfrog is the pet for us. We’re going to drop our dog off on the side of a freeway and wish it the best, because our house is officially a Bullfrog House from here on out.

Congratulate us, please! Maybe we’ll let you meet our bullfrog one day. 🙂 Who is to say?

God bless you, Seymour. You’re the nicest bullfrog to ever do it.