Nature’s Jesters: 15 Pics That Prove Animals Were Only Put On Earth To Make Us Laugh

by Tim K
Porcupine kiss

The animal kingdom is full of beauty, full of wonders, and, most notably, full of laughs. Here are 15 photos that prove that the only reason animals were created by this great, generous Universe was to make us laugh while we are sitting at our desks and not doing work.

Here Are The Funny Photos Of Animals… Enjoy!

1. Belly-floppin’ little weirdo

2. Kiss…

3. Pancake cat! Yes! More!

4. The big animal gonna EAT the small guy!

5. Showdown…

6. Fancy bird!

7. Not even close to proportionate!

8. They missed each other!!! Two-in-one cone!!!

9. Gimme kiss…

10. Unemployed cat!

11. Piggyback ride… for a dog!

12. Dog cook

13. Hybrid Child!

14. Chicken Was Arrested

15. Friends with a statue!!!

Thank you, animals, for doing your sole job: Keeping the royalty (humans) entertained!

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